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Dear Fido's Friends,

Fido's Indoor Dog Park's, Portland, OR location has closed as of June 26, 2016.  After six years of success, I have decided to retire from operating an indoor dog park and focus on helping others create new indoor dog parks around the world.

If you are interested in opening an indoor dog park in your community, please call 503-927-6898 or send an email to

Fido's will continue to offer dog exercise and recreation, dog walking, dog grooming. Please call to arrange for those services.

Josephine Cetta




FREE TOURS DAILY11:00am till 2:00pm!

Questions about Fido's Indoor Dog ParkTM? Call or email or...or better yet, stop by for a tour of the large and small grass parks and pool and the doggie daycare, boarding and grooming areas.

We're open EVERY day from 6:30am to 8pm. 

Visit our Facebook Fan Page to converse, see our latest photos, video, or to post your own comments, pictures or video.

Phone: 503 927 6898



 Be sure to check our What's Happening tab to see all of this month's events at Fido's! 

Fido’s Indoor Dog ParkTM is Portland's first and only dry, climate controlled indoor community park and pool for dogs and dog lovers. Enjoy wide open spaces where members and visitors can roam, swim, exercise, socialize and have fun…every day!

Tall trees, bushes, lush green grass, colorful flowers, and water features bring the best parts of the great outdoors right inside! Comfortable sitting areas throughout the park offer great places to gather with K-9 and human friends alike! Fresh drinking water is always available as is the cafe and free Wi-Fi throughout the park.

Fido's Indoor Dog ParkTM also offers doggie daycare and boarding services that include all day play in the park!

When you become a member of Fido's Indoor Dog ParkTM, you'll have access to:

• 20,000+ feet of climate-controlled play, event and community space
• 13,000 sq. ft. of K9 grass in separate large & small dog areas(made entirely of recycled materials with built-in, anti-microbial properties)
• A 98% chemical-free indoor swimming pool with ozonated and naturally filtered water
• Comfortable overnight boarding in spacious rooms
• Self grooming area with tools and supplies provided
• Specialty pet care products and services
• Social, sports and educational events
• Internet webcams 
• Ask about our group meeting spaces!


At Fido’s Indoor Dog ParkTM, we understand that our canine companions are just as susceptible to environmental toxins as their human companions. Therefore, in addition to those mentioned above, we take pride in having these earth and paw-friendly features throughout the facility:

  • YOLO's zero volatile organic compounds (VOC) paint on all interior walls;
  • Energy-saving insulated bow truss ceilings;
  • Light emitting diode (LED) and compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) lights;
  • Biodegradable doggie waste bags and modern composting practices; and
  • Locally made natural Biozyme cleaning products provide a clean, odor-free environment!

Whether using the park, doggie daycare or dog boarding services, Friends of Fido'sTM will experience the great outdoors - indoors in a clean, green environment that creates a park-like experience that is safe, dry, warm and inviting. 

Come by for a visit! We're open daily from 6:30am to 8pm.

Stay up to date on happenings at Fido'sTM via Twitter and Facebook!